Crossbar Challenge ’17 Postmortem

With Paul West, Fumb Games

Paul West from Fumb Games shares insights on cost of production, daily retention and what he learned in the making of featured mobile game Crossbar Challenge ’17. Here’s what he had to say…

A friend and I made a mobile game (it got featured) and here’s how much money it made/cost.

Here’s the (short!) story: I woke up in the night 2 years ago and decided to make a game that was popular in the UK, yet did not exist in the App Store. It was supposed to be a super simple concept (Paper Toss + Football/Soccer) that snowballed with card collection, daily gifts and more. It took 1.5 years and I went through 5 developers until we global launched. I will say thanks to Apple and Google for the featuring, this certainly helped us.

Aim of the game: Flick to kick the ball and hit the crossbar
It’s like: Paper Toss + Soccer + Card Collection

📈   Marketing

Crossbar Challenge '17 Marketing
Data correct as of October 2017

💰   Cost

Crossbar Challenge '17 Cost
Data correct as of October 2017

🤑   Revenue

Crossbar Challenge '17 Revenue
Data correct as of October 2017

🤑   Revenue

Crossbar Challenge '17 Revenue
Data correct as of October 2017 + excludes Brucie Bonus revenue

Active Users

Crossbar Challenge '17 Active Users

Daily Retention

Crossbar Challenge '17 Daily Retention

Extra Bits

🤔   What else?

  • I went through 5 developers on a ‘revenue share’ mechanic – this did not produce any results. As soon as I paid one, it made all the difference
  • We got lucky and landed a ‘Brucie Bonus’ (a developer asked us to test his SDK and paid in return)

😇   What did we learn?

  • Be thriftier with how you source artwork, we spent too much
  • Find your ideal developer as soon as possible, this is the largest cost (obviously)
  • Get creative with you ads, they make a HUGE difference to acquisition costs (my cheapest ad was buying users for $0.02 per install)

😎   What is next?

  • Our new game has just launched on your local App Store. Search for ‘Zombie Labs’
  • We will post mortem that game if this proves popular/useful to people

Thanks to Paul for his insights. See Paul’s Reddit post to join the discussion.

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