Resource by Reflection: How to Make More Successful Apps

Welcome to Resource, Reflection's Knowledge Base for App Developers

With Resource our aim is to create an app industry knowledge base where developers can find anything they need to make their apps more successful.

Inspired by the excellent IndieHackers we’re collecting insightful stories from seasoned app industry pros who will be passing on their experience in the form of actionable tips and techniques you can put to work on your own app businesses, whatever their size. For example: Learn how and why Natural Motion ensured CSR Racing maintained an average star rating of 4.6 and read how Jack Basford of IGP Manager tracks his competitors to profit from their marketing exposure.

Alongside these Developer Stories we’ll be sharing the latest app market news and trends as they appear as well as bite-sized nuggets of market insight and data for the critically time-poor (these can also be found in our Twitter Feed).

You’ll also discover how to use Reflection’s app market research tools to better plan what apps to make and how best to market and grow them in the handily titled ‘How to Use Reflection’ section.

As always we are very keen for feedback on everything we do here so if you have any comments or suggestions at all (no matter how scathing…) please drop us a line at We really do listen to feedback and are very grateful for any thoughts you may have that can help us improve.

Thanks for reading, we hope you find Resource useful.

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