Data Bytes #2 – Cross Promotions, Pricing Strategies, Tiny Wings Soars

Interesting App Store Data Nuggets from the Reflection Team

What Are Data Bytes?

Here at Reflection we amass iOS and Google Play data daily, estimating revenue and downloads for the top 200 apps from 24 countries for all app store categories. Here are our most recent golden nuggets of insight, data-mined from the depths of the app stores for your indulgence.

Flappin’ eck!

Tiny Wings is flying high again. The undulating bird-jumper, voted European App Store’s iPhone game of the year in 2011, started to gain momentum in the download ranks again around 11th to 12th October. This correlates with the 11th October release of game mechanic copycat Dune! by Voodoo, which seems to have users also flocking to it’s rival.

In the 14 days after Dune!’s release day, Tiny Wings soared to a 397% increase in downloads and 162% rise in revenue for USA iPhone market alone. A nice little nest egg for Andreas Illiger.

Dune! rank history
Dune! soars into the top download ranks in the USA
Tiny Wings Revenue and Downloads
Tiny Wings’ revenue and downloads flying high at the time of Dune!’s release in the USA

Lens Flair

In what King described as a “mobile first”, two giants of the App Store cross-promoted in October when players of Bubble Witch Saga 3 were able to unlock Stella the witch themed Snapchat lenses. At certain moments, bubble poppers were taken over to the Snapchat app, which also featured an augmented reality 3D Stella casting magical spells at your dreary surroundings.

In the cross-promotion period 26th October to 1st November, download numbers for Bubble Witch Saga 3 rose by 26% in the UK and 63.56% in Germany.

Bubble Witch Saga 3 Downloads Germany
Bubble Witch Saga 3 downloads in Germany

Strings to Playgendary’s Bow

Playgendary have two Bowmasters apps in the App Store with the same gameplay but different monetisation strategies.

Bowmasters (Ad Free) is a paid version of the free Bowmasters – Multiplayer Game. Comparing paid versus free revenue in their biggest market, the USA, for the month of October, the free version made 345% of the paid revenue (which doesn’t take into account revenue from in-app advertising) with a whopping 13,225% of the downloads.

Bowmasters app comparison
A comparison of Playgendary’s Bowmasters with respect to pricing and platform, USA, October 2017

Bowmasters is also available on Google Play published by Miniclip, where it makes 10.5% revenue of it’s free iOS cousin, and 68% of the downloads.

This is a fine example of using the tried and tested strategies of successful developers to inform your own monetisation strategies. Shoot for the stars.


The recent rise of kirakira+ up the iOS paid ranks could be due to celebrity activity on Instagram. Instagram’s fashion writer Eva Chen posted a sparkling boots video using the app on September 17th during London Fashion week, which to date has over 129,000 views. Days later, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared a kirakira+ filtered video which now has over 1.2 million views.

kirakira+ downloads in the USA
The rise and rise of kirakira+ downloads in the USA

The kirakira+ revenue and downloads data really start to dazzle around the same time with a 354% increase in downloads in the USA over the 14 days following the Eva Chen share, and a steady climb to reach the top 10 in the overall paid chart in the USA. Whether there was a focused effort to generate virality, or the app gained visibility organically, this is a shining example of the effect of celebrity endorsement.

Spooky Spike

Disturbing monochrome app Limbo had a noticeable jump in downloads and revenue as the app changed from $3.99 to $1.99 from 11th to 15th October. In the USA the price wobble caused a hair raising 3,543% increase in downloads and a 1,508% rise in revenue compared to the previous period. It just goes to show how changes in app pricing strategy can generate shockwaves in revenue.

Limbo spikes in downloads in the USA after a price change


After the soft launch of Royal Boulevard Saga on Google Play, for which we only see top 200 data in Portugal, King have also released Diamond Diaries Saga, with the same app icon and screenshots. This appears only to be currently available in Argentina on Google Play. The game is a Candy Crush Saga reskin, matching 3 charms in a given number of moves to create precious jewelry.

It’s an interesting duplicate soft launch, perhaps for the opportunity to A-B test the app name and icon/screenshot designs. With Royal Boulevard Saga released in August 2016, the soft launch saga continues.

TfL Touch-In

Transport for London have arrived on platform mobile, allowing journey-goers to top up Oyster cards, review journey costs and see their travel history within the app. Unsurprisingly the majority of downloads are in the UK, but location hasn’t stopped the odd tube-lover downloading the app in Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia. It must be the excitement of a journey history that’s encouraging the downloads.

Our estimates show the app has had over 135,000 downloads across iOS and Google Play, 58% more on Google Play. Next stop, Happstead Heath.


Hash-tag: Angry customer

And finally, what kind of in-app ads are getting through the ad network filters?


That’s all for this week,
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