Data Bytes #1 – Apps in Soft Launch, Snapchat Spikes, Homescapes Beds In

Interesting App Store Data Nuggets from the Reflection Team

What Are Data Bytes?

Here at Reflection we amass iOS and Google Play data daily, estimating revenue and downloads for the top 200 apps from 24 countries for all app store categories. Here are our most recent tantalising insights, freshly fished from our glistening data pool to feed your hungry app-etites.

Legends of Soft Launch

King has soft launched “Legend of Solgard” in Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sweden. You can view the downloads and revenue for “Legend of Solgard” and monitor the performance in different countries as the soft launch progresses. Use this to inform your own app launch strategy, matching the methods of those with deeper pockets and active research teams.

Legends of Solgard Downloads and Revenue
Follow the soft launch of King’s latest offering

Other notable recent soft launches include PikPok’s Into the Dead 2, which began to find its feet in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and Sweden before rising to feast on the top games category charts in all countries on October 11th, and all conquering Supercell’s “Brawl Stars”, currently battling it out in Canada only.

Brawl Stars revenue and downloads in Canada
A Canadian soft launch for Supercell

Clash Royale Plays It’s Cards Right

Clash Royale saw a spellbinding rise in revenue on September 22nd, possibly due to the “Flying Machine Draft Challenge” which saw contestants battling it out to win gold and unlock the new “Flying Machine” card. The draft challenges provide a clear opportunity to retain and re-engage users of Clash Royale, with the first entry free, and subsequent attempts paid for with gems.

Clash Royale Revenue and Downloads chart
Follow Clash Royale to analyse how they continue to monetise and re-engage users

Snap, Crackle and Flop

Snapchat is seeing an animated series of peaks and troughs in it’s revenue chart, giddying our usually mild mannered Chief Data Scientist. The June introduction of on-demand geofilters in the USA ties in with the heightened chart activity, and the September extension of the feature to some European countries again matches the spiky trend when you remove the USA from the revenue chart.

Interestingly, the data peaks sharply over the weekends, presumably when Snappers are more sociable, and falls dramatically during the week day grind, when users might be more reluctant to create a geofilter from their three-walled desk cell.

It’s an insight into how you can spot newly monetising features for your competitor’s apps, and how well those new features bed-in over time in different countries.

Snapchat revenue chart pattern
Snapchat revenue, popular at the weekend, flop during the week days

It Must be Voodoo

The free games chart has been possessed by Voodoo with the publisher taking 1st, 2nd and 4th ranking in the UK iPhone ranks on 13th October with Dunk Hit, Rolly Vortex and Dune!. On the same day it also took 10th and 11th with Fight List and Snake VS Block.

Voodoo apps on the Reflection Daily App Chart
Voodoo keeping the ball rolling with multiple apps in the top UK games ranks

Interestingly, we only see top 200 ranked downloads for Dunk Hit in the USA in August before charting in the UK in October. Some strange strategy sorcery if ever we saw it.

Dunk Hit USA downloads
Keep abreast of Voodoo app’s performance over time by following them on Reflection

A Gross Change

Playrix have made themselves at home in the top 5 overall UK grossing chart with match 3 game Homescapes. The success had the effect of almost doubling the number of downloads for sibling app Gardenscapes, uprooting Clash of Clans from it’s usual top 5 place.

Playrix sees an increase in sibling app Gardenscapes downloads at the time of the success of Homescapes

Whether organic player movement between the apps or in game cross-promotion, Playrix are consolidating and re-theming an already proven game mechanic to their advantage. Match 3 games remain highly monetised, with two Candy Crush games and the Playrix duo taking up 4 of the top 5 UK iPhone grossing ranks on October 13th.

Match 3 games dominating the UK iPhone top grossing list

On the theme of soft launches we only see revenue in Canada and Australia for Homescapes from July to August, before the September growth in numbers across multiple countries.

Crash of Clans?

Our analysis of the most popular words in the last 500 available iOS reviews finds Clash of Clans has one overwhelmingly mentioned word, “update”, and it appears most in reviews with a negative rating. Of the 225 times “update” is mentioned, it appears 123 times (55%) in 1 star reviews.

Clash of Clans Reviews

Click on the word “update” in our reviews cloud tool to read the comments and see the context in which they appeared. For instance, it looks like users try to update the app but get stuck in a loop where they’re provided the option to “open” but not “update”. Possibly something for the Supercell Clan to start defending.

App Store Review of the Week

You can analyse less pointless app reviews in the Reflection reviews cloud tool, where you can spot bugs, find opportunities for new product features from your user’s feedback, and monitor reviews to try and keep your app ratings high.

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