Generating access tokens to link your iTunes Connect account

How to Find your iTunes Connect Access Token

Generating access tokens in iTunes Connect

Apple have improved security to iTunes Connect, and now require you to generate a separate Access Token when you share your details with external parties. This ensures that the password we use to gather your sales is separate from the one you use to log into iTunes Connect. This guide provides you with simple step-by-step instructions for generating access tokens in iTunes Connect, and linking your iTunes account.

Step 1

Log into your account at:

iTunes Connect Login screen

Step 2

Click on “Sales and Trends”.

iTunes Connect menu screen

Step 3

Click on “Reports” on the dropdown menu.

iTunes Connect Sales and Trends screen

Step 4

Click on the tooltip next to About Reports.

iTunes Connect About Reports tooltip screen

Step 5

Click on “Generate Access Token”.

iTunes Connect Generate Access Token screen

Step 6

Copy the Access Token.

iTunes Connect Access Token screen

Step 7

Paste the Access Token in the Link Account form on Reflection

Reflection Linked Account Form

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